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Dec 1999
Annual Celebration of Christmas Director:Steve Bittlestone
Oct 1999
Blood Brothers Director: Alison Green
Apr 1999
Return To The Forbidden Planet Director: Steve Bittlestone MD:Debbie Warren Choreographer: Linda Davies
Jan 1999
Café Cabaret ’99 Director: Jenny Eaton MD:Colin Warnock Choreographer:Coral Stodel
Oct 1998
Crazy For You Director:Gillian Jarvis MD:Debbie Warren Choreographer:Coral Stodel
Jun 1998
Cider With Rosie Director: John Marshall
Mar 1998
Bugsy Malone John Taylor Debbie Warren Coral Stodel
Dec 1997
A Christmas Carol Pat McFarlane
Oct 1997
Sep 1997
May 1997
Singin’ In The Rain Paul Smith Colin Warnock Coral Stodel
Feb 1997
Café Cabaret ’97 - A Revue Alison Barker Debbie Warren & Colin Warnock Coral Stodel
Dec 1996
Oct 1996
A Chorus Line Gillian Jarvis Debbie Warren Coral Stodel
Jun 1996
A Slice Of Saturday Night Steve Bittlestone Bob Good Alison Good & Helen Holt
Mar 1996
Cafe Cabaret - A Revue Gillian Jarvis Debbie Warren Coral Stodel
Dec 1995
Oct 1995
May 1995
Teechers Steve Bittlestone
Mar 1995
Billy Roger Starbuck Debbie Warren Coral Stodel
Dec 1994
Apr 1994
42nd Street Amdram Premier. Fred Barnes, Colin Warnock, Coral Stodel
Dec 1993
Dickens At Christmas John Marshall
Oct 1993
Quasimodo Paul Smith Andrew Rapps Coral Stodel
May 1993
The Elephant Man Steve Bittlestone
Mar 1993
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers Lesley Bennett Ian Peters Coral Stodel
Nov 1992
Oct 1992
Trelawny Of The Wells Lynne Smart-Steel Leila Arical
Jun 1992
Single Spies Fred Barnes
Mar 1992
West Side Story Pam Zamboni Mike Reason Coral Stodel
Oct 1991
May 1991
Apr 1991
Grease Gillian Jarvis Mike Reason Coral Stodel
Oct 1990
A Chorus Of Disapproval Teddy Potter Mike Reason Coral Stodel
May 1990
Glitterballs Chris Lyne
Mar 1990
The Boy Friend Pam Zamboni Michael Reason Coral Stodel