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Jan 1939
Princess Charming George Furniss Fred Robinson Vera Garbutt
Oct 1938
The Yeoman Of The Guard George Furniss Fred Robinson
Jan 1938
Jan 1938
The Silver Patrol George Furniss Fred Robinson Isabel Willoughby
Oct 1937
Jan 1937
The Quaker Girl George Furniss Reg Johnson Isabel Willoughby
Oct 1936
Jan 1936
Rio Rita George Furniss J.W.Higgs Isabel Willoughby
Jan 1935
Rose Marie Edward Royce J.W.Higgs Isabel Willoughby
Jan 1934
Our Miss Gibbs George Furniss J.W.Higgs Isabel Willoughby
Jan 1933
Jan 1932
Jan 1931
Apr 1930
Patience performed April 1913
Feb 1930
Jan 1930
Jan 1930
The Mountaineers The First show was performed in March 1911
Jan 1930
The Mikado performed Feb 1912
Jan 1930
The Gondoliers performed 1913