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Dec 1989
Dick Whittington John Marshall. Directed by Mike Cannings
Sep 1989
Orders John Gray. Directed by Malcolme Littler
Sep 1989
The Fifteen Minute Hamlet Tom Stoppard. Directed by Ian Guy
Sep 1989
A Slight Misunderstanding Adrian Dale. Directed by Malcolme Littler
Jun 1989
The Camel's Back Arnold Helsby. Directed by Bob Usher
Mar 1989
Bonaventure Charlotte Hastings. Directed by Ian Guy
Dec 1988
Person Unknown David Butler. Directed by Joan Miller
Sep 1988
Fish out of Water Derek Benfield. Directed by James Montgomery
May 1988
The Geese are getting Fat Arthur Watkyn. Directed by Joan Miller
Dec 1987
Rumplestiltskin Norman Robbins. Directed by Wendy Montgomery
Jun 1987
The Patient in 4b A. Frederick Daniels. Directed by Joan Miller
Dec 1986
Brush with a Body Maurice McLoughlin. Directed by James Montgomery
Jul 1986
Rock-a-bye-Sailor Philip King and Falkland L. Carey. Directed by Colin Stewart
Feb 1986
Little Boy Who William Dinner and William Morum. Directed by Wendy Montgomery
Dec 1985
Being of Sound Mind Brian J Burton. Directed by Joan Miller
Jun 1985
Happy Days Wilfred Massey. Directed by Colin Stewart
Dec 1984
Who Lies There? Philip Johnson. Directed by Wendy Montgomery
Jun 1984
Surprise Package Duncan Greenwood and Derek Parkes. Directed by Gwen West
May 1983
Thriller of the Year Glyn Jones. Directed by James Montgomery
Sep 1982
Strike Happy Duncan Greenwood.
Mar 1982
Love in a Mist Kenneth Horne.
Oct 1981
The Stone Cage Nicholas Stuart Grey. Directed by Wendy Montgomery
Apr 1981
Big Bad Mouse Philip King and Falkland Cary. Directed by Wendy Montgomery
Sep 1980
The House on the Cliff George Batson. Directed by Wendy Montgomery
May 1980
25th Anniversary Music Hall Compiled by the company. Directed by Jeanette Bardsley