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Oct 1969
Murder Mistaken Jane Green. Directed by James Montgomery
Jun 1969
Watch it Sailor Philip King & Falkland Cary. Directed by Robert Lapworth
Mar 1969
Pig in a Poke Directed by Joy Hancocks
Sep 1968
Mar 1968
The Tinder Box Nicholas Stuart Grey. Directed by Joy Spear
Oct 1967
Harvey Mary Chase. Directed by Joy Spear
Jun 1967
The Secret Tent Elizabeth Addyman
Mar 1967
The Snow Queen Suria Magito and Rudolf Weil, based on the story by Hans Christian Anderson. Directed by Joy Spear
Dec 1966
Heidi Beryl M Jones
Sep 1966
Two Stars for Comfort John Mortimer. Directed by David Partridge
Jun 1966
Kind Cousins Janet Allen. Directed by Joan Richardson
Jan 1966
Pinnochio John Morley
Dec 1965
The Owner of Redfields Falkland L Cary. Directed by John Morris and Andrew Mitchell
Oct 1965
The Hollow Agatha Christie. Directed by Joan Richardson
Jun 1965
Trap for a Lonely Man Robert Thomas. Directed by Andrew Mitchell
Mar 1965
Pools Paradise Philip King. Directed by Joan Richardson and Joy Spear
Jan 1965
The Glass Slipper Herbert and Eleanor Farjeon. Directed by Joy Spear
Dec 1964
No Shade to Hide In Written and directed by Andrew Mitchell
Sep 1964
Duet For Two Hands Mary Hayley Bell
Jun 1964
A Letter from the General Maurice McLoughlin. Directed by Andrew Mitchell
Mar 1964
Where the Rainbow Ends Ronald Quilter. Directed by Joy Hatherley
Dec 1963
Brief Suspicion Patricia Gordon
Nov 1963
All for Mary Harold Brooke and Kay Bannerman. Directed by Jean Clifford
Oct 1963
The Late Edwina Black William Dinner & William Morum
Jun 1963
Dracula Hamilton Deane and John L Balderstone, based on the novel by Bram Stoker. Directed by Joy Hatherley
Mar 1963
Murder at The Vicarage Agatha Christie. Directed by John Hatherley
Dec 1962
Running Riot Derek Benfield
Sep 1962
Gaslight Patrick Hamilton. Directed by Andrew Mitchell
Jun 1962
Rain John Colton and Clemence Randolph, based on a story by W Somerset Maugham. Directed by Andrew Mitchell
Mar 1962
Trial and Error Kenneth Horne. Directed by Ronald Daw
Oct 1961
Reluctant Heroes Colin Morris. Directed by Joy Hatherley
Jul 1961
Mystery at Blackwater Dan Sutherland, based on The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. Directed by Basil Cooper
Mar 1961
Love in a Mist Kenneth Horne. Directed by John Hatherley
Dec 1960
Charley's Aunt Brandon Thomas. Directed by Joy Hatherley
Oct 1960
Aunt Gussy Directed by Andrew Mitchell
Jul 1960
A Lady Mislaid Kenneth Horne
Apr 1960
Women of Twilight Sylvia Rayman. Directed by Andrew Mitchell
Jan 1960
Pink String and Sealing Wax Roland Pertwee. Directed by James Montgomery