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Dec 2009
Cash on Delivery Michael Cooney
Oct 2009
Babysitting Calvin John H Newmeir
Jun 2009
Apr 2009
The Hollow Agatha Christie
Dec 2008
Bedroom Farce Alan Ayckbourn
Oct 2008
And Go To Innisfree Jean Lenox Toddie
Apr 2008
Dec 2007
Oct 2007
The Donahue Sisters Geraldine Aran
Apr 2007
The Woman in White Constance Cox
Dec 2006
Black Comedy Peter Shaffer
Oct 2006
Browning Version Terence Ratigan
Apr 2006
Dec 2005
Ten Times Table Alan Ayckbourn
Oct 2005
Dock Brief John Mortimer
Apr 2005
Humble Boy Charlotte Jones
Dec 2004
Not Now Darling Ray Cooney & John Chapman
Apr 2004
Dec 2003
Hay Fever Noel Coward
Oct 2003
The Waiting Room Mike Sands & Richard Walton
Dec 2002
Out of Order Ray Cooney
Apr 2002
Amy's View David Hare
Dec 2001
Apr 2001
Night Must Fall Emlyn Williams
Dec 2000
Apr 2000
The Winslow Boy Terence Rattigan