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Apr 2019
Seeds of Doubt Peter Gordon
(Bilton Theatre )
Nov 2017
Pint-sized Plays - something for everyone Nicholas Taylor, Dorothy Lambert, Neil Walden, Mandy Bannon,Bridgette Portman, Emma Pitt, Giles Cole,John Moorhouse, Joe Starzyk, Keith Johnson
(Bilton Theatre )
May 2016
Oct 2015
Secondary Cause of Death Peter Gordon
(Bilton Theatre)
Jan 2015
Par For The Course Peter Gordon
(No venue information available)
Jun 2014
'Housekeeper Wanted' and 'Last Tango in Little Grimley' Philip King & Falkland L. Cary David Tristram
(Bilton Theatre)
Jan 2014
Departure, World Premiere & Pastiche Stephen Smith, Charles Mander & Nick Hall
(Bilton Theatre)
Jan 2013
Fringe Benefits Peter Yeldham & Donald Churchill
(Bilton Theatre Between 17 & 19 Main Road Bilton, HU11 4AP)