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Coming to the auditorium in Hampton Hill Theatre is an uproarious satirical comedy with a sting in the tail
By Peter Barnes
Directed by Barry Evans
“First thing an Englishman does, straight from his mother’s womb, is touch his forelock.”
A blue-blood with a Messiah complex, the 14th Earl of Gurney is besieged by his ruthless family scheming to strip him of his title. Bubbling with acerbic wit and feverish energy, Olivier Award-winning and Oscar-nominated-writer, Peter Barnes's razor-sharp satire mercilessly exposes the absurdity of unearned privilege. It became a successful feature film starring Peter O’Toole. -
Dates: Sat 12 May – Fri 18 May 2018
Performance Times: Sunday, 6pm, weekdays 7.45pm
Ticket prices: Members £12.00 & £16.00
Box Office: Telephone: 0845 838 7528 (10am – 8pm) Online:
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In the Coward Studio at Hampton Hill Theatre, Teddington Theatre Club brings you two actors in 16 roles. A West End hit and an acting tour-de-force – can they do it?
By Marie Jones
Directed by Wesley Henderson Roe
When Charlie, from Co. Antrim, and Jake, from Co. Kerry, meet as extras on a Hollywood film shoot in Ireland they strike up an unusual friendship. As the days tick by and their pay adds up, they learn more about themselves, their local community and the people who have arrived in it than either would have imagined.
Dates: Sunday 29th April – Saturday 5th May
Performance times: Sunday 6pm, weekdays 7.45pm
Ticket prices: £10.00 & £14.00
Box Office: Online: – Telephone: 0845 838 7529 (10am – 8pm)
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Warning: This play contains language appropriate to the time and place