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Teddington Theatre Club’s second presentation to mark the centenary of the 1918 armistice will be in the Coward Studio at Hampton Hill Theatre for four performances only.
by J.M. Barrie
Directed by Sally Halsey
J.M. Barrie’s gentle fiction to mark 100 years since the end of WW1
Two one-act plays with The Great War and family relationships at their heart. In The Old Lady Shows her Medals an elderly woman with no family spontaneously ‘adopts’ a man about to go to the front. In A Well Remembered Voice a grieving father tries to move on after his son's death.
Dates: Wednesday 14 November to Saturday 17th November
Performance time: 7.45pm
Ticket prices: £10.00 & £14.00
Box Office:
Telephone: 0845 838 7529 (1pm – 8pm Mon-Sat) Online:
Website link:


This October, to mark the 100th anniversary of the 1918 armistice, Teddington Theatre Club proudly presents in the main auditorium of Hampton Hill Theatre
by Owen Sheers Directed by Nigel Cole
When the battle’s over, their war’s just begun
Best friends Arthur, Hads and Taff were barely out of their teens when they were deployed to Afghanistan. Returning to the women in their lives who must now share the physical and psychological aftershocks of their service, they find their journey home is their greatest battle. Marking the centenary of the 1918 armistice, this very modern perspective on the timeless effects of war, blends Owen Sheers’ searing verse with powerful physical theatre.
Dates: Saturday October 20th – Friday October 26th
Performance times: Sunday 6pm, Weekdays 7.45pm
Ticket prices
£12.00 & £16.00
Box office: Telephone: 0845 838 7529 (1.00pm to 8.00pm Mon-Sat)
Website link:



Coming to the Coward Studio in at Hampton Hill Theatre in October,  Teddington Theatre Club presents
The Regina Monologues by Rebecca Russell & Jenny Wafer - Ladies in Waiting: The Judgement of Henry VIII by James Cougar Canfield
Directed by Linda Sirker
Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived - Three Catherines, Two Annes and a Jane all married to a man called Henry.
Regina Monologues: Six modern woman with lives both separate and intertwined share their experiences of marriage, love affairs and betrayal plus their loathing of all things ginger. Ladies in Waiting the Judgement of Henry VIII: These same six women are transported 500 years back in time to come back and haunt this most infamous monarch.
Dates: Sun 7 Oct – Sat 13 Oct 2018
Performance times: Sunday 6pm Weekdays 7.45pm
Ticket prices: £10.00 & £14.00
Box Office: Telephone: 0845 838 7529 (1 – 8pm - Mon to Sat)
Website link: