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A Christmas Carol - The Musical
production genre: Musical
region: Greater London | society: Kingston Vale Theatre Group (KVTG) (directory) | performance venue: Adrian Mann Theatre, Nescot.
production dates: 28 Nov 2019 - 30 Nov 2019

who can audition?:
Open auditions
audition contact:
Jess Penhallow
16 Jun 2019 - 1pm-5pm
07951166128 |
Adrian Mann Theatre, Nescot.

When you audition please state which character you are going for and if you’d like to be considered for other roles. There will be doubling up and there is a lot to be considered when casting a show, unfortunately it’s not always possible to please. The roles are open to either sex where stated. We are interested in playing ages not actual ages. Some of you will also be in other scenes playing a different character. It’s a busy show!

Male 60s
Large Role

Scrooge: 60s. Hard and sharp as flint, secret, self-contained, and solitary. Wealthy stingy moneylender. Despises Christmas and anything relating to joy. After the visits from the ‘Spirits’ he is filled with joy and can see the importance of family, friends and generosity.
Vocal Range: Tenor (A3 - G5)

Bob Cratchitt
Male 30s-40s
Large Role

Scrooge’s clerk, a family man. Scrooge has worked Cratchit to the bone, but his joy for life and affection for his family remain untouched. Despite his difficult existence, he is still filled with hope and humour. Though he worries about how to put food on the table, he somehow always finds a way to provide treats for his children.
Vocal Range: Baritone (A3 – E5)

Male 30s-40s
Medium Role

An optimistic and kind young man. Witty and able to trade barbs with his Uncle. Not put off by Scrooge’s rudeness.
Vocal Range: Tenor (A3 – F5)

Ghost of Christmas Past
Female 20s plus
Medium Role

Very spirited lady with an ethereal quality. Must have great command of language. She bosses Scrooge around a bit and knows how to use tough love to her best advantage. Doubles as Lamplighter.
Vocal Range: Soprano (A3- G5)

Christmas Present
Male or Female 20s-40s
Medium Role

 Infectious spirit and warmth. Must have a powerful presence, sense of humour, wit, and mischief, and a fabulous laugh to boot. He or She has an implicit understanding of right and wrong and is not afraid to let Scrooge know it. Maternal and earthy. Doubles as Sandwichboard man/woman
Vocal Range: Tenor or Soprano (A3 – G5)

Jacob Marley
Male 60s

(Could also be a much younger man who doubles as Young Marley 20s) Scrooge’s partner, an ambitious, practical man, with no sentimentality. Marley is a product of a newly industrialized England and places money and financial stability above all else. As a young man, he coerces Young Scrooge into joining the dark and ruthless side of the business world. When we first meet him, he has been dead for seven years, but he should not be ghoulish. He is simply a man who has been waiting desperately for Scrooge to open his eyes wide enough to see him and hear his lesson.
Vocal Range: Tenor (A3 – A5)

Mr Fezziwig
Male 40s plus
Medium Role

Young Scrooge and Marley’s boss, generous (to a fault) and expansive and giddily in love with his wife. Fezziwig is a kind- hearted and jolly man, but not a fool. He has great integrity and refuses to sell out to Scrooge and Marley.
Vocal Range: Tenor (A3 – B5)


Mrs Fezziwig
Female 40s plus
Medium Role

Ditzy, gabby, and overflowing with warmth; A good-hearted meddler. In love with her husband and entirely convinced of the goodness of those around her and the bounty of the world.
Vocal Rang: Alto (A3 – A5)


Young Scrooge
Male 18-30
Medium Role

An innocent Scrooge before he is corrupted at the hands of Marley. A conflicted youth torn between the need for financial security and the desire to connect with other human beings. At the beginning, he possesses a sense of fun and humour and is a viably positive member of society. He’s easily influenced and changeable and falls in love with Emily.
Vocal Range: Tenor (A3-G5)

Young Marley
Male 18-30
Small Role

(Scrooge’s business partner) Lacks empathy and cares about little else than the business and making money. Has influence on young Scrooge.

Female 18 plus
Medium Role

Scrooge’s fiancé when he is young. Beautiful and open. In love with young Scrooge but it quickly becomes apparent to Emily that he is not the man she thought he was.
Vocal Range: Mezzo (E3 – B5)

Male or Female 12 plus
Medium Role

A petite delivery boy or girl has dialogue and sings with Scrooge and who carries a huge turkey to the Cratchit house upon a transformed Scrooge’s instructions. Cheeky. And be able to carry a heavy turkey.

Adolescent Scrooge
Male 12-13
Medium Role

Misses his mother, father and sister Fan. Feels completely alone and wants to work hard to give the security for what is left of his family.
Vocal range: A3 – E5

Martha Cratchitt
Female 12 plus
Small Role

She has learned much from her mother about caring for a house and caring for family. Strong and confident.

Tiny Tim
Male 5-7
Medium Role

Mr. and Mrs. Cratchit's youngest son. He is crippled and sick but is the definition of loving Christmas spirit. He constantly reminds his family that so long as they all have each other, they will be happy. Must have a big voice but still portray frailness.
Vocal Range: A3 – E5

Child Scrooge
Male 8-10
Small Role

Sad and confused. A quiet boy. Desperate as he watches his father sent to prison due to financial ruin and seeing his mother’s sadness.

Grace Smythe
Female 10-12
Medium Role

Serious and still grieving but determined to support her parent. Shocked that Scrooge doesn’t like Christmas.
Vocal Range: Soprano (Db4 – Db5)

Female 10-12

Scrooge’s devoted sister. Mature beyond her years. Loving and caring.
Vocal Range: Mezzo (A3 – B5)

Male or Female Mature
Walk-on Role

Larger than life character. Big voice. Sense of importance.

Mr/Mrs Smythe
Male or Female 30s plus
Small Role

Desperate and in need of financial help from Scrooge to pay for their spouse funeral. Trying to appeal to Scrooge’s better side

Charity people (3)
Male or Female 30s plus
Small Role

Earnest and determined. Good-hearted and well-intentioned, they seek charity as a dynamic trio. They cannot believe that anyone would NOT give towards their cause. All a bit alike.

Mrs Mops
Female 40s plus
Small Role

Scrooge’s dedicated and dithering servant. Working class British. Quirky and funny – but with great pathos. Tonight, her boss is sterner and crabbier than ever. She is profoundly touched by Scrooge’s transformation. A character woman. Comedienne with heart.

Mrs Cratchitt
Medium Role

Caring but fiery, she will defend her family at any price. She is the glue that holds her family together. Nurturing, warm, the salt of the earth. Working class London accent.
Vocal Range: Alto (A3-B5)

Ghost of Christmas Future
Female 40s plus
Medium Role

A beautiful, and terrifying wrath, the Ghost of Christmas Future is strong and silent as she shows Scrooge what will happen to him and those around him if he continues down the path he is currently treading. Doubles as Blind old hag: Very poor. Lives on the street. Begs without conscience. Could also have an air of fortune telling.
Vocal Range: Alto (A3 – G5)

Adult Ensemble
Male or Female

Incorporated in song and movement the following characters (and more) need to be cast – Carollers: Marleys four helpers/ghosts with a sense of humour: Four Abundance: Charity elves: Undertakers/gravediggers/monks/angels.

Other Children's roles
Male or Female

Additions to the Cratchit family: (Peter 12+, Belinda 12, Greg and Nancy 8-10)
Children at Fred and Sally’s party.
Beggar boy and girl (small and frail)
Also, various characters in the singing and movement