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A Bunch Of Amateurs
Ian Hislop & Nick Newman
production genre: Comedy
region: East of England | society: Huntingdon Drama Club (directory) | performance venue: All Saints Church, Huntingdon
production dates: 15 Nov 2018 - 17 Nov 2018

who can audition?:
Open auditions
audition contact:
Dean Laccohee
16 Jul 2018 - 2018
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Tesco Community Space, Huntingdon

A Bunch Of Amateurs by Ian Hislop & Nick Newman, a delightful comedy set in the world of amateur dramatics!

Hollywood action star Jefferson Steel finds his career on the slide and so jets to the UK to play the leading role in a production of King Lear. He arrives in ‘Stratford’ expecting to find the Royal Shakespeare Company & hilarity ensues…

There are 7 roles to cast (3M/4F) of varying & flexible ages.

Jefferson Steel
Male 40-60
Large Role

Arrogant, brash, demanding, faded Hollywood movie star 

Dorothy Nettle
Female 30-50
Large Role

Director of the Stratford Players & the driving force behind the company & their theatre

Jessica Steel
Female 18-25
Medium Role

Jefferson’s daughter – neglected by her dad for years

Nigel Dewbury
Male 40-70
Medium Role

Solicitor and wannabe theatrical great. Pompous & self-regarding, he believes he should play all the leading roles

Mary Plunkett
Female 30-60

Owner of the local B&B. Jolly, slightly dizzy and a big Jefferson fan!

Dennis Dobbins
Male 30-50
Medium Role

Local handyman and stalwart of the Stratford Players. Keen as mustard but slightly dull (age flexible)

Lauren Bell
Female 25-45
Medium Role

Glamorous wife of the sponsor backing the Players’ production. She’s passionate about the arts & smart but treated like a bimbo