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Moira Buffini
production genre: Comedy
region: South East | society: Epsom Players (directory) | performance venue: Green Room Theatre, Dorking
production dates: 02 Oct 2018 - 06 Oct 2018

who can audition?:
Open auditions
audition contact:
Paul Falconer
12 Jun 2018 - 8pm
07981 381463 |
17 Jun 2018 - 6pm
12th - 3rd Epsom Scout Hut, Church Rd, Epsom KT17 4AB. 19th at The Wells Centre, Spa Drive, KT18 7LR

See website for more information:

Female 70s
Large role

The older Margaret Thatcher. Perhaps inclined to self-edit her own history and remember things better than they were. Is often picked up on this by Q. A mellower Thatcher, but still utterly wedded to an unshakeable belief in herself and her time in office.

Female 70s
Large role

The older Queen Elizabeth II, whose eye for events has sharpened with time and who has gained a better sense for what matters and what doesn’t. Her relationship with the older Thatcher is brisk, businesslike and occasionally chiding but strangely warm


The younger Thatcher. Zealous, eager to get on, unimpressed by the trappings of monarchy and consumed with her own power, she is, nevertheless, still human and has her moments of doubt as well as moments of high wit. She was 54 in 1979 when elected PM.


The younger Queen. Albeit over 25 years in post by the time we first meet her, she still has a slight air of wanting to learn more while having her own wisdom to impart. Slightly more strait-laced than Q, but not without a good deal of humour. The Queen was 53 in 1979 when Thatcher was elected.

Actor 1

One of two actors who play everyone else in Q, T, Liz and Mags’ lives. A younger, more idealistic man who gets quite irritated with his more experienced colleague, Actor 2, and vice versa. Multiple Characters as listed below:

* A Palace Footman

* A Protester

* Kenneth Kaunda – First President of Zimbabwe

* Nancy Reagan – First Lady, Ronald Reagan’s Wife (American)

* Michael Shea – Queen Elizabeth’s Press Secretary (Scottish)

* Neil Kinnock – Labour Party Leader during Thatcher’s time (Welsh)

* Enoch Powell – Conservative MP, then Ulster Union Party MP

* Kenneth Clarke – Conservative MP, Thatcher’s cabinet member

Actor 2

Actor 1’s colleague. Older, acerbic, uncertain of Actor 1’s talents and occasionally having to rein him in. Regards himself as the more versatile actor. Multiple Characters as listed below:

* Dennis Thatcher – Margaret Thatcher’s husband

* Peter Carrington – Conservative Politician and Foreign Secretary

* Geoffrey Howe – Chancellor of the Exchequer/Foreign Secretary

* Ronald Reagan – 40th President of the United States (American)

* Arthur Scargill – National Union for Miners Leader (Yorkshire)

* Gerry Adams – IRA Politician (Northern Irish)

* Rupert Murdoch – Founder of News Corporation (Australian)

* Prince Philip – Queen Elizabeth II’s Husband

* Michael Heseltine – Conservative MP, Thatcher’s challenger