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Kevin Carey
production genre: Drama
region: South East | society: Hurst Festival Players (directory) | performance venue: Players Theatre, Hurstpierpoint
production dates: 24 Sep 2018 - 30 Sep 2018

who can audition?:
Open auditions
audition contact:
Bob Sampson
12 Jun 2018 - 8pm
01273 833397 |
14 Jun 2018 - 8pm
Players Theatre, Hurstpierpoint

2018 is the centenary of the signing of the armistice ending the first world war. The details of this were decided at a meeting of the War Cabinet at Danny Park, in Hurstpierpoint in October 1918.

Hurst Festival have commissioned a play by Kevin Carey to mark this momentous event and has formed Hurst Festival Players to perform the world premiere at The Players Theatre in Hurstpierpoint.

Act One takes place at a fund-raising Garden Party in the grounds of Danny House in August 1918, when we meet some of people of Hurstpierpoint as well as the main members of the Government.

Act Two takes place in October in the Great Hall at Danny House and tells the story of the agreement worked out, by the War Cabinet, for the terms of the Armistice to be signed in November.

The cast consists of four females (youngest in her late teens, oldest over 45) and 17 men of various ages, these include a young soldier, an airman and a sailor as well as the Prime Minister David Lloyd George, Winston Churchill, Andrew Bonar Law, Arthur Balfour and other members of the War Cabinet.

The parts vary in size, from the fairly large part of David Lloyd George to smaller parts of just a few lines - ideal for those without much (or any) experience and some of the parts can be doubled up between Acts One and Two. all ages given are flexible, as people generally looked older than their years at that time.

This is an amateur production, directed by Bob Sampson, and the auditions will be held on June 12th and 14th, actors interested in being part of this exciting project are invited to contact the director or just turn up for the auditions - no special preparation needed we will just be reading from the script.

The play will be on for four performances during the Hurst Festival, at 8pm September 24th, 26th and 28th, with a matinée at 2.30pm on Sunday 30th.

If you can’t make either date please contact Bob anyway.

We do hope that you will be interested in this very exciting project.


David Lloyd George
Male 50
Large Role

Prime Minister at the time, chairing the meeting of the War Cabinet in Act Two'

260 lines - approx.

William Grimson
Male over 50
Small Role

Butler at Danny House

40 lines - approx.

Anne Dunn
Female 30+
Small Role

Cook at Danny House comes from Blackburn

54 lines - approx.

Gertrude Campion
Female 45+
Medium Role

Wife of William Campion, owner of Danny Park

110 lines - approx.

Daisy Randall
Female 18
Small Role

Teenage daughter of Mr. Randall, local Liberal and trader

Male 20
Small Role

Soldier on leave having lost much of his hearing in battle

35 lines - approx.

Male 40
Small Role

Sailor on leave suffering from shellshock

17 lines - approx.

Male 20
Small Role

Airman full of himself considers himself a superior being.

4 lines - approx.

'Colonel' William Campion
Male 50
Small Role

Owner of Danny Park

50 lines - approx.

Arthur Balfour
Male 50
Medium Role

Foreign Secretary

100 lines - approx.

Andrew Bonar Law
Male 50
Medium Role

Chancellor of the Exchequer

70 lines - approx.

Mr Randall
Small Role

Local Liberal and Trader

4 lines - approx.

Frances Stevenson
Female 30
Small Role

Lloyd George's Secretary (and secret mistress)

36 lines - approx.

Philip Kerr
Male 40
Small Role

Private Secretary to Lloyd George

25 lines - approx.

Winston Churchill
Male 40
Medium Role

Minister for Munitions

62 lines - approx.

Viscount Milner
Male 50
Small Role

Minister of War

20 lines - approx.

Earl Reading
Male 50
Small Role

British Ambassador to the United States

20 lines - approx.

Sir Maurice Hankey
Male 50
Small Role

Cabinet Secretary

20 lines - approx.

General Wilson
Male 50

Chief of the Imperial General staff

35 lines - approx.

Admiral Wemyss
Male 50
Small Role

First Sea Lord

30 lines - approx.