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Murder Inn
Howard Voland and Keith McGregor
production genre: Drama
region: South East | society: Stag Theatre Company, The (directory) | performance venue: Stag Plaza, Stag Community Arts Centre, Sevenoaks.
production dates: 06 Oct 2017 - 07 Oct 2017

who can audition?:
Open auditions
audition contact:
Sandra Barfield
02 Jun 2017 - 19:30
07973 657311 |
2 Town Hill Close, West Malling, Kent, ME19 6QW

‘Murder Inn’ is set in a dilapidated eighteenth century inn, supposedly haunted by a knife-throwing poltergeist. A group of tourists on a Ghosts and Ghouls tour are forced by a storm to make an unscheduled stop. What looks to be an unpleasant and uncomfortable detour soon turns into a night of mayhem and madness as knives begin to pop up…in the most unexpected places - as the storm builds, so does the body count!

This production promises wonderful dialogue, a colourful cast full of zany characters and a good dose of humour.

Ages could be flexible so don’t rule yourself out!

For more information please contact Sandra.

Jake Talbot
Male 20-30

Son of the owner, a sturdy no-nonsense young man. (Possibly American)

Martha Talbot
Female 50+

Owner of Barnsley Inn: Cantankerous AND ENJOYS IT. (Possibly American)

Agnes Tate
Female 40 - 50+

Meddlesome, antagonistic, sarcastic and inconsiderate (all would like to kill her!) (Possibly American)

Carolyn Pickett
Female 20+

Unassuming niece and travelling companion for Agnes. (Possibly American)

Ellen Halsey
Female 35+

Tour guide, professional.

Muriel Lampmann
Female 40-50+

A true believe in the occult. An airhead of sorts but very nice.

Patricia Simpson
Female 40-50+

Reserved, nervous, always tense. Travelling alone.

Lawrence Currier
Male Mid to late 50s-60s

A college professor on sabbatical. Widowed in the last couple of years. Distinguished and intellectual.

Todd Currier

Lawrence’s son. Congenial, intelligent and well-dressed in a casual way, travelling with his father.

Grace Sharp
Female 60+

A retired school teacher, looks helpless but isn’t, travelling with her friend.

Doris Brooks
Female 60+

Retired nurse-practitioner. Matter of fact and sarcastic.

Donald Schultz
Male 40+

The bus driver. Morose.